An Elite Few Walk Among Us

They come from many lands. They speak many tongues. Some are tall and others short, some are dark and others fair, some are young and others old. You won’t pick them in a crowd.

You might be unaware that it’s someone you know.

They are almost entirely without formal organisation. Yet they forever lurk together in dark corners to further their designs.

They share an insider secret. They know something that others don’t.

They do things faster and easier. They evade a daily harassment and hassling that most people take for granted they must endure. Their lives are more private. Their information is more secure. They enjoy freedoms others do not.

They do this by choosing the most beautiful desktop computing platform of our time: Linux.

Who but this select few knows anything much at all of desktop Linux? “That’s something to do with computers, right?”

How is it that all but a few have been denied these benefits?

It’s not by any technical, nor by any legal mechanism, nor any barrier of price. It’s by veils of confusion, misdirection and old myth.

We’re here to do something about that. Desktop Linux has become too good to be just for an elite few.

For more about what we’re doing here, check out the Sunlight Manifesto.

Founding members

Jason Evangelho
Marc Di Luzio
James Mawson
Oliver Kelly
Jerry Morrison
Jochen Spang

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